We sell with honesty, integrity, and ethics.

Are you interested in selling your property? Davidson Real Estate has a seasoned team of professionals ready to create a tailored strategy to sell your property.

Every acreage is different and thus has a unique target audience of potential buyers. We have a large inventory of people in our database looking to purchase just the “right place”. Our commitment to you is to provide a smooth process and to keep in touch through each step. Our knowledge and strengths will give you a competitive advantage!

We take care of
everything for you.

When you list with Davidson Real Estate, we handle all aspects of marketing, negotiating contracts and closing the deal with little to no additional effort on your part. We make sure you are protected from dealing with correct legal description filed of record or warranty deeds being recorded in a timely manner. We take care of everything for you, offering true peace of mind.

We get your property in front of buyers

Unlike many realtors in today’s environment, we still spend a large advertising budget on print – and it still produces results! We also use the internet to market and showcase our properties. Our website alone has a high number of visitors which produces many sales as a direct result. Ultimately the key to getting your property sold is exposure through targeted marketing.

Our properties
sell quickly

Our goal is 90 to 120 days from listing.

When priced realistically our properties do not remain in inventory very long. Our goal is achieved by our proprietary marketing techniques and processes we have perfected over the years.

We pinpoint the right optimum listing price.

Over the years we have become very efficient in evaluating and determining the right price to list your land. The initial pricing is paramount to selling your property. From valuation based on a desired rate of return for a potential investor to using comparable sales, we are very savvy at determining the best asking price. This first and critical step is key to getting your place sold in a timely manner for the best price.

Contact Davidson Real Estate

Davidson Real Estate will respond to all inquiries within a very reasonable time frame and very much appreciate your interest whether it is to buy or sell.