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This was one of the best row crop farms around and had excellent fertility for top grain production! Approximately 93% of the farm had tillable acres and was good river bottom soil types with very good terraced hill ground as well. Farms like this are hard to find with land inventory throughout the Midwest being extremely low! This farm sold to an out of state investor seeking a good rate of return. It is located near Gentry, Missouri in the Grand River Bottoms. The listed price for this Northwest Missouri farm was $770,000 and the sale price was very close to the asking price. Land for sale in Gentry County Missouri is becoming a scarce commodity! Hot sales in the midst of Cold weather in mid February In Northwest Missouri with lows of -15° and wind chills of -30°!

We have had numerous inquiries the last few weeks from farmers and investors alike looking for quality crop production farms. Click on this link to see our inventory of available  Farms for sale in Northwest Missouri

We finally had a dynamic bull market turn around in the grain markets. As I have often indicated with so many years of a downward cycle, we have been close to turning the corner for quite some time. All it took was several factors all aligning up at the same time. From problems with weather in South America to an increase in demand from China we have rallied significantly since last fall. Counter seasonal rallies often are the strongest of all and this market showed resilience right through harvest.

With the move higher in the grain markets we have witnessed an increase in demand for row crop farms from farmers and investors alike. There have already been some higher cash rent figures with more to come. This coupled with historic low interest rate levels in the 4% range for long term real estate loans is fueling the demand for land ownership.

Recently we are approaching values not seen since the highs made in 2013. This bodes well for the balance of this marketing year in land sales. Our most recent sales of good productive crop farms have been in the range of $6000 to $7000 per acre. We have many buyers just waiting for land to buy given the extreme lack of available farms for sale.

If you are considering a purchase or sale of any real estate the market is highly active. We are always available to talk in person, via email or over the phone.



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Neal Davidson

Broker & Owner
Neal grew up on a farm in Northwest Missouri and attended The University of Missouri, Columbia graduating with a B.S. in Agribusiness. After school Neal spent 10 years as a livestock dealer and then 5 years in banking. He is a graduate of the Missouri General Banking School and the National Ag Bank Management School at Iowa State. In the mid 90’s he started Davidson Real Estate and has been a top broker in land sales in Northwest Missouri for many years. It has always been his goal to support the agricultural sector and plight of the farmer and thus the firm historically has focused on land and farm sales. Today the company is much more involved in residential and commercial real estate as well. Other interests are thoroughbred horse racing and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. (Also an avid MU basketball fan) You can contact Neal directly at 816.632.8043